Find the perfect Bra

The Bra Fit Guide

A great fitting bra can make all the difference in how you look and feel. Perfect fit and support can make you look taller and slimmer. Your clothes will even fit better!

The Perfect Bra Checklist

  1. The Band: the back and front of your bra band should be level and parallel to the floor from the side view. The band should fit firmly around you and not ride up in the back. If the band digs into your skin, feels too tight or uncomfortable, it's too small. If your breasts are falling out from the bottom of the bra and the back band is riding up, the bra is too big for you.
  2. The Cup: your bra cups should fit comfortably around your breasts. If your breasts are spilling out over the neckline or armholes, the cups are too small. If your bra cups look wrinkly, they are too big for you.
  3. The Underwire: the underwire should fit comfortably against your ribcage and under your natural crease line. The best-fitting underwire should encircle your breast nicely and give you a rounded and defined shape. If the underwire is poking into your breast tissue, it's too small. If the underwire end is poking into your armpit, it's too big for you.
  4. The Center Panel: the center panel of the bra should sit firmly against your chest. Wire-free bras and women with full breasts close together may not have the panel sit firmly against the chest, but the fit should still be comfortable.
  5. The Straps: shoulder straps should comfortably rest flatly on the shoulders. They should not fall off your shoulders of cause dents in your shoulders. If your straps fall off the shoulders, the placement of the straps may be too wide. Simply find another style with less wide-set straps. If your cup size is too large, it could also cause your straps to slide down. If your straps are causing dents in your shoulders, you may be need a smaller band size to give you more support.

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